About Us

What can we do?

Agile development methodologies: scrum master, product owner, managing burndown and prioritising user stories

Test and behaviour driven development: articulating tests in gherkin, automation and continuous integration

Product management: requirements analysis, roadmaps, whitepapers, competitive analysis, market research

Software delivery: architectural design, integration, acceptance testing, performance testing, go-live planning

Software team management: on-shore vs off-shore, source code control, remote team integration, issue tracking, estimation, budgeting, monitoring

APIs, SSO, re-use:Oauth, social media integration, JSON REST APIs, DRY coding, KISS mentality

What do you need?

Quality: of code, of documentation, of design and of people

Stability: of systems, of existing revenue streams

Punctuality: of sprints, of deliveries and of feedback

Confidence: that the scope, the budget, the customer's expectations are all met as planned

Satisfaction: the team with a job well done,the customer with a product that exceeds expectation

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